HOMETake a look at Yaotsu ≫ Friendly Park Ohira

Take a look at Yaotsu

Enjoy summer by playing in the river! This creek park spreads over the Tabisoko Canyon.

 The Kiso River is a very familiar presence in Yaotsu. Friendly Park Ohira is a park that is rich in nature and is located on the banks of the Tabisoko River, a tributary of the Kiso River.
Look up and you’ll see Shintabisoko Bridge, stretching over Route 418 Maruyama Bypass. Which means if you look down from Shintabisoko Bridge, you can see Friendly Park Ohira. The 200m tall bridge is quite an impressive sight when looking up from the park.
Since there isn’t much traffic on the Maruyama Bypass, it’s very quiet on the riverbank. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to listen to the birds sing, the leaves rustle in the wind, and be engulfed in the background music provided by nature.

Find tadpoles and small fish in the river or enjoy the flowers on the river banks. The natural beauty here changes each time you visit, but coming here in summer is highly recommended!
On the weekends, the park is full of people fishing and playing in the river.
Immerse your feet in the water to cool off. The water of the river feels different than what you’ll experience in a pool or on the beach. But be careful, the river can make you cold really quick. It’s also better to wear sandals in the water to protect your feet from the small stones on the bottom of the river.
Besides the riverside, there is also a hydrophilic zone near the water mill where you can also play in the water. The water doesn’t flow in this zone so it’s safe for small children.
There are a number of bridges crossing the river, all named after fishes, including the Ayu Bridge (Sweetfish), Amago Bridge (Red-spotted Trout) and Koi Bridge (Carp). They say the number of fish has decreased compared to long ago, but people still come to enjoy stream fishing in the summertime (fishing fee required). In May and July of each year, there is a trout grabbing contest and red-spotted trout fishing contest.

The blue sky overhead, the fluffy white clouds, the green of the surrounding mountains, the sound of the flowing river, the singing birds flying in the sky... Lie on the grass and relax your body and mind. Many people even doze off after closing their eyes for a moment.
Don’t forget to take a walk down the river. The river isn’t very deep so it’s also a great place for dogs to play in the water. Here, you can fulfill your dream of spending time with your dog amidst the nature.
Playing in the river, fishing, camping, an afternoon nap…. How will you spend your time here?



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