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Take a look at Yaotsu

We asked the employees at the town hall their favorite things to do and see in Yaotsu.

The people in the town hall know Yaotsu the best and introduced us some of the great things you can find in Yaotsu including their favorite things.

Board of Education
●Mt. Sosui Villa Purara
Sosui valley is a scenic area located downstream of Maruyama Dam. Enjoy the cherry blossoms in the spring, and the changing color of leaves along the sheer rocky cliff right in front of your eyes in the Autumn. Purara is a reasonably-priced town-run accommodation in the Sosui Valley. It is a relaxing place which has facilities like barbecues and a ground, all of which can be enjoyed at one's own pleasure.

●Marine Sports
At the Yaotsu public B&G Ocean Center Boatyard, you can enjoy riding sailboats, dragon canoes and banana boats in the summer. Here, fitness can be fun. The boatyard is located in Sosui Park.

●B & G Pool
You can swim here during anytime of the year as the pool is a heated one.

Comprehensive Regional Support Center
●Hot Cafe for the Whole Family
The Hot Cafe is mainly run by local volunteers to create a space where everyone in the area can come together. You can come here and chat with people over a cup of tea or coffee. One drink will cost you around 100 yen as a donation. Feel free to ask when and where the cafe will be set up.
●Yaotsu, a Great Place to Raise Kids
There is lots of support in Yaotsu for raising children. There are many helpful activities for both mothers as well as expectant mothers, starting with maternity classes, parenting consultations, dental hygiene classes and more. Also, parents with young children not yet in school or child care can take their children to play at ‘Yume Hiroba Yuyu’. Children can run and play to their hearts content, and parents can socialize with other parents. Everyone in town pitches in to make Yaotsu a great place for children to grow up.
●Training Room ‘Change Your Body and Change Yourself’
Even a little exercise helps to maintain your physical strength. Maintaining physical strength keeps you healthy.

Construction Division
●River Fun in the Summer 
There are a number of places in Yaotsu where you can play in the river but Friendly Park Ohira is especially recommended. The park is known for its coolness in summer Feel free to come as it is only a short trip from Nagoya area.

●Suigenno Mori (Water Source Forest)
As part of their philanthropic activities, the Kirin Nagoya Factory takes part in forest conservation of the forest situated near the Kiso river, in Yaotsu. There are cherry blossom trees, maple trees and Japanese zelkova planted here. In spring, the cherry trees are in full bloom and the place becomes a popular spot for flower viewing.

Nishikori is the name of a place that has been around for ages. Long ago, logs cut from the mountains of Kiso and flowed down Kiso River were tied together to make rafts in Nishikori log port and then sent down the river to Nagoya area. It is said that, that is when the regional office was first established. 'Nishikori' in Yaotsu is pronounced with a lengthened ’o’ sound. The world-famous tennis player’s name 'Nishikori' is pronounced with a shorter ‘o’ sound.

Citizens’ Affair
●Goho Falls
"Goho Falls" include the waterfall under which the famous Musashi Miyamoto trained. They have now become well known as waterfalls of Yaotsu. You can bathe in loads of negative ions here.

Many people come here to learn the secrets of health from the lively grandmotherly figure. Everything on the menu is delicious, but the Katsudon is especially popular.

●Tractor Parade
Tractors decked with illumination gather in the Fukuchi district in massive numbers! Then they parade down the road for about 5km. On the day of the parade, these tractors brighten up the dull winter landscape of Fukuchi.

Water Environment Division
●There are three golf courses in town
There are three golf courses in Yaotsu They include Gifu Spring Golf Club, Murasakino Country Club and Sakura Country Club. Yaotsu’s natural beauty extends to these golf courses. Golf players will feel like they’ve come to the golfer's heaven.

●Mallet Golf
Mallet Golf is a fun sport for all ages. Give it a try.

●Yaotsu Danjiri Festival
Although the town is small, the festival is huge. The people of Yaotsu take great pride in this 'Kenka Matsuri' (float crash battle) which announces the arrival of spring.

Pork ribs, an another popular dish other than Katsudon, goes perfectly with beer. Let your stress from work melt away.

●Inaba Castle
The current Inaba Castle Park was the ruins of the residential castle of Inaba Ukon Masamichi, a feudal warlord who lived during the Warring states period. The Kiso River spreads below it and the park has a beautiful lawn. It is also a great spot to stargaze on clear nights.

●Meditation Forest
This is the perfect place to refresh your spirit and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. How about taking a stroll amidst singing birds and the sound of rustling leaves? It’s on a plateau where it feels like you can touch the stars in the sky. Take your time and enjoy the night sky.

●Yama Nanya
Yama Nanya Cafe is located behind Goho Falls. While it is of course used as a cafe, it’s also available for events, sleepovers, banquets and retreats. Try the organic coffee carefully selected by the owner.



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