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Take a look at Yaotsu

The nature of Yaotsu is nurtured by Kiso River

When talking about Yaotsu, you can’t leave out the Kiso River.
The Kiso river flows from east to west through the town. It was the number of river ports that led to the development of Yaotsu. Now, the New Yaotsu Bridge draws an arch over the river.
The landscape made by the river is another charm of the town.
In the springtime, cherry trees bloom along the banks of the river and when the petals flutter down onto the deep green river it is truly romantic. Once the cherry blossom season is over, the river is surrounded by greenery. In the autumn the riverbanks are covered with the colored leaves, and you can spend time here in winter while waiting for the spring to come.

Not only is it beautiful along the river, but the mountains are also rich in nature. Once the cherry blossom season is over and the first signs of summer begin to show, the town is covered with blooming Japanese lilies, the Yaotsu town flower.
Though covered in snow in winter, the terraced rice fields start to show the first signs of spring with tiny buds. These small buds survived the cold winter and triumphed. They confidently stand up and poke their heads out from the ground.
In the autumn, there are red buckwheat flowers in the Fukuchi buckwheat village, and the once-green soba fields transform into vividly colored fields.
The metasequoia trees lining the Meditation Forest have grown tall over the years and their leaves have also grown thick. Looking at these trees that stretch way up to the sky is naturally relaxing.

Time passes more slowly in Yaotsu. You’ll never forget the gentle, smiling faces of the people who were nurtured by nature in the town of Yaotsu.
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