HOMETake a look at Yaotsu ≫ ‘Pasha’ Tour Guide

Take a look at Yaotsu

‘Pasha’ Tour Guide

‘Pasha’ is a function that automatically displays contents related to the picture you have taken using your smartphone.
To show related content, take a picture of the signs placed at each sight in Yaotsu with your smartphone camera. Enjoy your time there while Yaotsu officials and reporters show you around the town.

  1. 1Once you find a signboard in the image below at a tourist spot, push the ‘Pasha Tour Guide’ button.
  2. 2This will open the camera on your smartphone.
  3. 3Shoot a picture of the signboard you found and related contents will be displayed automatically.

‘Pasha!’ Tour Guide

  • Look! Great things in Yaotsu!

  • Yaotsu Festival

  • Kutami Festival

  • Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall

  • Kamidaida Terraced Rice Fields

  • Goho Falls

  • Daisenji Temple

  • Yaotsu Old Power Plant Museum

  • Fukuchi Irodori Village

  • Shionami Mountain Farmer’s Market

  • Shionami Mallet Golf Course

  • Friendly Park Ohira

  • Meditation Forest

  • Jindonooka Park

  • Midoriya Rouho (Japanese Sweets)

  • Senbei Hall

  • Kuramoto Yamada (Sake Brewery)

  • Hinomaru Confectionery (Senbei Factory)

  • Sankatsuya (Eatery)

Click the function when you find any of the above signboards.

‘Pasha!’ Tour Guide



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