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Take a look at Yaotsu

These are the five waterfalls including the waterfall of Musashi Miyamoto's legend. The 80m tall three-tiered waterfall is the highlight of this place.

Goho Falls Park, located in the northern part of Yaotsu, is constructed around the five waterfalls: Ichi-no Falls, Ni-no Falls, San-no Falls, Niten-no Falls and Enmei-no Falls.
Don’t miss the beautiful flowing appearance of three tired waterfalls, the Ichi-no, Ni-no and San-no Falls.
A bright red, arched bridge that runs across the waterfalls catches your eye.
It’s only a 10 minute walk from the park’s parking lot to the pavilion from where you can see these waterfalls. You can leisurely take a stroll till the pavilion.
Ichi-no Falls drops 44m from the highest point, then Ni-no Falls follows and finally San-no Falls for a total of 80m. This special combination of three falls makes it look like a single-stream waterfall. Visitors find the scenic mountains surrounded by waterfalls relaxing in every season, including the lush green seasons and even autumn.
People especially like to visit the cool Goho Falls during the hot summers. Waterfalls are gaining attention lately as good sources of negative ions and we’d like more people to learn about the stunning three-level falls here.

There are two walking tracks offered the park including the ‘Waterfall Tour Zone’ (40 min) that runs around the falls and the ‘Hiking Zone’ (60 min) that also ventures down the river that the falls feed into.
Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather when hiking
Goho Falls also include Niten-no Falls where it is said that Musashi Miyamoto did his ascetic training. The path from the three-tiered falls to Niten-no Falls is a bit steep and might be difficult for people who aren’t used to hiking, but this experience further justifies the feeling of ascetic training. Take your time and enjoy the scenery.
The dynamic yet delicate landscape created by the falls and the surrounding scenery is unique to this place.

It is said that Musashi Miyamoto pursued his painting skills while he was here. The waterfall where Musashi did his ascetic training has been named 'Niten' after his pseudonym. The art of painting that Musashi pursued may not go with his impression as a swordsman, but ‘that is how masters are born’ is what the eternally cascading waterfall seems to be telling us.
Daisenji Temple, where Musashi studied when he was training at the waterfall in Yaotsu, is located just to the south of the park’s parking lot. After exploring the falls make sure to visit the Daisenji Temple.
You’ll find traces of Musashi here as well.
Rediscover the ancient history of Yaotsu with the unexpected connection between the town of Yaotsu and Musashi Miyamoto.



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