HOMETake a look at Yaotsu ≫ Meditation Forest

Take a look at Yaotsu

Enjoy the refreshing 'forest' in Hida-Kisogawa Quasi-National Park

Approximately 80% of the town of Yaotsu is mountain forests. There is a huge difference in altitude and from high spots you can overlook the town. On clear days you can even see as far as the tall buildings in Nagoya.
The 'Meditation Forest' is on the right river bank of the Sosui Lake, the upstream of Maruyama dam which was built to control the torrential flow of the Kiso river flowing from the Nagano prefecture. You can relax and enjoy yourselves here.
In addition to the natural forest, various trees have been planted, spreading over the entire park, such as yew trees from Gifu Prefecture and red maple trees. From the observatory you can view the streets of Yaotsu, Mt. Ena, Mt. Ibuki and other far off mountains.
There are a number of themed gardens such as the Sasanqua (camellia) Garden, Ume (apricot) Garden and Matsu (pine) Garden, connected by approximately 5000m of pathways with names like Promenade, Matsu Path, Kotori (small bird) Path, etc. on which you can take strolls while taking in the nature.

In spring 40 types of cherry blossoms, including Oshima Cherry, Yoshino Cherry and Shogetsu bloom in Cherry Blossom Garden, mesmerizing many people.
 It’s not only cherry blossoms. There are various trees and flowers such as rhododendrons and wisteria, providing different flowers for each season.
 Metasequoia are planted on each side of the promenade and in the spring the sun spills through the lush green leaves creating a beautiful glitter effect. In autumn, these leaves change their colors to splendid crimsons and golds, and before you become aware of it, the paths become shrouded in a golden carpet.
 One special feature is the Jumoku Mihon-en (Tree Example Garden) where trees are planted as representatives of construction, tree bark and furniture materials, and an another is Shimpi-no Mori (Mystic Forest). These are not just gardens, but much more unique than that.

Meditation Forest is a perfect place for a hike. It’s also fun to stroll through the flowers and follow the trees. Different flowers and trees are there to greet visitors each season.
This forest, located on a small hill, is a popular spot to watch the sunrise. Some people come here only for that reason.
It’s about a 20 minute walk on the Promenade course from the parking lot to the observatory. The Meditation Forest path will take you all the way around the forest in about 60 minutes.
Taking walks on well-paved roads can be dull, but these walking paths are only somewhat paved and you can feel the uneven ground below your feet. Perhaps this moderate stimulation will travel from your feet to your brain.
Take some time away from your busy schedule to spend time in nature. It’s the best way to change your mood.



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