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Take a look at Yaotsu

After the interviews were over, the MIKKE!
Yaotsu Reporters shared their own thoughts.

★Miyu, MIKKE! Yaotsu reporter
What impressed me most in Yaotsu was how close the people were to nature, like the water and the trees. There was a ton of nature everywhere you go.
The Goho Falls were especially mysterious and I felt the beauty drawing me in.

★Emirin, MIKKE! Yaotsu reporter
On our quick run around Yaotsu, Mallet Golf was the most fun.
It was awesome to feel the rich nature and get to play golf at the same time. Everyone should definitely visit this place with their families.

★Ayano, MIKKE! Yaotsu reporter
I was especially touched by the life of Chiune Sugihara when we visited the memorial hall. It was really moving that he saved people’s lives despite his own position and that such a person was from Yaotsu.
I was also surprised that the first power plant to succeed in long-distance transmission was in Yaotsu.
I was amazed that Yaotsu doesn’t only have delicious food and rich nature, but also plays a big part in history.

★The three reporters
“The food was great”
“Especially the Yaotsu Senbei. I thought Senbei would be salty but it wasn’t.
The sweet Senbei tasted so good I want to go back for more.”
“I’m also glad we got to bask in the negative ions of the waterfall”
“I felt very close to nature”
“The people in this town really were warm and friendly. I was so happy that people talked to us and included us in their conversations”
“They even treat people who aren’t from the town as if they’ve been friends for years and that made it more fun”
“The Senbei is also a great souvenir”
They couldn’t stop talking about the trip.

Unfortunately when the cameras weren’t rolling...
“Yaocchi was so cute”
“I want to come back during chestnut season and try the Kuri Kinton”
“My boyfriend loves Japanese sake. I want to come back with him so he can try the sake here”
“I want to take my time playing Mallet Golf”
“I want to bring my family and friends and be their guide around Yaotsu”
The girls chatted away.
The female MIKKE! Yaotsu reporters also had a great time in Yaotsu.



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